Sunday, 11 October 2009

Ita Thao New Year's

We went back to Sun Moon Lake again the end of last week, but this time, it was to film the Ita Thao, an indigenous tribe of the area. They were ending their New Year's celebrations with singing, dancing, drinking and eating all night.

I wanted to wait until dark to start filming so there wouldn't be day and night scenes all mixed up, so while I waited, I wrote a rough draft of my script. This is where I wrote it, on the Ita Thao pier, overlooking Sun Moon Lake. What a place to be writing!

When I was writing my stand-ups, two Thao princesses approached me and we took pictures.

We finished filming around 19h30 and my cameraman and driver asked if we could drive home instead of stay at another low-budget motel (with maybe roaches as freebees). So we made the trip back to Taipei and got in around midnight. It was tiring, but nice to be able to sleep warmly and comfortably in our own beds.

Here's the script.

Thao Tribe New Year’s Celebrations
日月潭邵族 農曆八月祖靈祭

Every year near the end of summer, the Thao tribe celebrates their new year. Locals and tourists alike take part in the festivities which are subsidized by the Tourism Bureau. In this week's travel feature, Michella Jade Weng visits the Thao in Nantou and joins in on the fun.##

[[NS singing and dancing]]

Michella Jade Weng
FTV reporter
Singing and dancing from door to door on a day in the eighth month of the lunar calendar, this is the indigenous Thao tribe’s New Year!
民視記者 翁郁容

[[NS singing & dancing]]

Shi Lei
Thao chief
The "lus an" is our new year's, it's to thank our ancestors for a good harvest. We start festvities on the first day of the eighth month of the lunar year and this is the last day. So we'll be visiting every home and drink until probably tomorrow afternoon.
邵族頭目 石磊
"Lus an"就是我們講的"祖靈祭",我們不講"豐年祭",有祖靈我們才能豐收。祖靈祭是農曆

[[NS fire crackers]]

Following the sound of firecrackers, a tribesman leads the dancers while carrying a holy shield with symbols of the sun and moon. There are about 60 Thao homes in Ita Thao, and tourists also join in the celebrations, dancing and feasting with the locals.

It's great, said this tourist. It's just like New Year's. My kids went and joined in on the dancing.
小朋友有下去跳。 很開心。

Mao Long-chang
Ita Thao Cultural Association director
We've always held these events without the help of the government, but they do subsidize us. With these kinds of cultural events, there are always subsidies.
邵族文化發展協會理事長 毛隆昌

Though New Year’s celebrations are only once a year, but there are shows all year round to let travelers get a feel for the Thao’s culture here in Sun Moon Lake.

Shi Lei
Shao Chief
Happy new year!
邵族頭目 石磊

Michella Jade Weng, Formosa TV, Nantou.
民視新聞 翁郁容 葉尚松 南投報導

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