Friday, 23 October 2009

Thank you, Bullies

The great thing about having a really bad day is that you know tomorrow will be a much better day. The worse it is today, the nicer it will be tomorrow, right? It almost makes me wish I had a much lousier day. Almost.

The good thing about having some really unprofessional coworkers is that they make me so much more professional. Yeah, keep making me suffer. Keep choosing to be incompetent. Keep pushing me around. Keep putting me on the verge of slamming the phone, cursing under my breath and wanting to slap you silly. Ho ho ho, if they keep this up (and I survive), I'm going to be a really great somebody one day. Mwa ha ha ha ha. Thank you, you big, bad, ugly bullies.

I wish I had thought of this when I was pissed off. Next time.

Nighty night. Anchoring tomorrow at 6h00, 8h00, 11h00.

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