Thursday, 1 October 2009


Did anyone see “だんだん” (Dandan) the 15-minute NHK morning drama that was on last year at this time? I loved it. I even bought the soundtrack and another EP that the heroine twins put out. The TV production was such a success that they’ve made it into a play and it opened today in Tokyo. If I were there, I would have gone to see it. The story is about twin sisters separated shortly after birth when their parents divorced. One went with her fisherman father back to a seaside town in Shimane Prefecture and the other went with her geisha mother back to Kyoto. On a fateful day (their 18th birthday, was it?) the two girls run into each other in Kyoto, shocked to see how alike they are and eventually find out that they are sisters. To catch up on the time spent apart, they live together for a while, attempt to be singers and eventually find their way into their adult life together. I think it was the setting in Kyoto, the geiko/maiko culture, the kimonos, the music, the harmony, the two full-of-sunshine, genki and sweet-as-peaches twins 三倉茉奈、三倉佳奈 that made me fall in love with the show. I’ve been listening to their show-related songs the last few days, trying to put some genki back into myself. Been quite down lately, but not sure why.

Out of town quite a bit for travel features – good
Able to handle just about any situation on the job – great
Now the go-to girl for any job big or small – wonderful
Known for doing good fun/food/travel stories – marvelous
Nightmare with doctor omiai nearly ended – spendid
Michael going to Johns Hopkins – excellent
G recovering really well and now resting at home – fantastic


I don’t know why.

I want to run away.

I’m coming up on my 5-year mark at FTV. No one believed I’d last this long, or do even do well. Maybe after running on after burners for five years, it’s time for a rest and then a change. I want to change country. New opportunities, please come to me~

Perhaps it’s time to say “だんだん” to Taiwan, “おおきに” to FTV and move on.


(“だんだん” and “おおきに” are “thank you”)

(だんだん @

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