Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Coincidence 巧合

The other day, I found in my wallet the business card Binfu gave me the day we met. I can't believe I've been carrying it around all this time. Well, maybe I can. Then I took it out and brought it to the office to stick into my note pad, hoping that his card and any reminder of him would be turned away as I fill up new pages and turn them over.

Then as I got off work around 00h30, I saw one of his cars parked in front of the station. It was a silver SL. I'm pretty sure it was his car, because the last 4 digits were "3138." After dinner one time last year, I asked him what "3138" meant. He said he bought the car from his best friend, who picked those numbers. "31" was for his friend's birthday, and "38" was for his 38th car. That's trivia that one doesn't really forget.

He wasn't in the car, and I didn't see him anywhere else. He may have been talking to people from our sales department, as he has business with them. I guess our sales guys work hard, hosting clients at the station until past midnight.

As it's not like him to come see me, what an interesting coincidence it was.




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