Friday, 25 January 2008

Heaven's little helpers 天上來的小助教

From an email I sent earlier this week:


Over dinner at Nonzero last night, my friend William told me what someone told him dogs really are - they are god's little helpers, sent down to earth, to us.


Here is my interpretation.


They teach us about life through theirs - the happiness of birth, the fun of watching a life grow and develop, the importance and joy of companionship, the responsibility we have in taking care of them when they grow old and the ability of letting them go when the heavens needs them back.


If we are fortunate, we will have dogs since we are children. And if we continue to be fortunate, we will have dogs with us throughout our life until the end; and during this time, we will have had four or five generations of dogs. With each life that we walk with each dog, we grow a little bit. And after four or five walks of life we have with our dogs, we will have had enough practice in life that we know what to treasure and know how to let go.


Treasuring and letting go - quite possibly the two most important lessons in life.



Twenty-fours after hearing this story, I learned that one of our dogs' cancer is back, less than one month after an operation to remove cancerous tissue. It's devastating news, but at least I don't feel as bad. I think this story serves two purposes - to comfort, and to remind us of the important things in life.

我覺得這故事有兩個功能 - 安慰,還有提醒我們人生什麼最重要

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