Wednesday, 9 January 2008

New friends 新朋友

Recently, I've been very lucky and made a few new friends:
William - a marketing expert
Elaine - an arts and culture expert
Jason - a revolutionary

William - 行銷專家
Elaine - 藝文專家
Jason - 革命者

Jason's my age, so we talk about silly things. He likes to bring food to my flat and sulk and talk about politics while I iron handkerchiefs and do laundry. It's a strange kind of friendship, but it's also strangely fun.

Jason 跟我同年齡,所以我們聊的事都很無聊

William and Elaine are a bit older than me and seem to be very experienced and well connected in Taiwan. They're knowledgeable and fun, and I really hope to get to know them better. Also, it turns out that we know the same people in different circles. And they both know Afu well. Well well well... They told me it was a good idea that we broke up. Ha. From the glimmer in their eyes, I think they are coming up with a plan to marry me off (to someone else). Very strange for I've just met them, but it also feels like we are old friends from a past life.

William 和 Elaine 兩位比我大許多


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