Sunday, 27 January 2008

Things that make me happy 讓我開心的東西

Got them on the way home from the hospital and brunch. Can you believe, these three guys (w/o vases) were only TWD 1.100 (USD 34)? Mom will tell you that's still expensive, but much less expensive than what you'd have to pay outside of Taiwan, I imagine. A small price to pay to light up a space and also my heart. Flowers really give life to a room and also give hope and happiness to the people that come into the room they're in.


I have no idea what these orchids are called, so if you know, please leave a message here or email me!

Tree-like branching purple orchid.

Wasabi-green guy that is coming to work with me tomorrow.

Straight and pointy purple orchid.

Then Mom came by in the evening with fruit, soup and a turnip still in the soil in a pot, painted a glossy red. In these parts, turnips represent success, and people like to use them in flower arrangement sometimes. Thanks, Mom!

Thanks, Mom!

What to do over Lunar New Year? Sketch flowers? What an idea!

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