Sunday, 27 January 2008

Productive day 有效率的一天

Yesterday, I had a really productive day, waking up at 3 to anchor the 06h00 Mandarin, 07h00 Taiwanese, 09h00 Mandarin, 10h00 China Airlines, 12h00 cell phone, 12h30 Far Eastern Airlines and 14h00 Mandarin news shows. That's a new personal record. It was Ruiying and I all morning, and while he kept asking if the station had lost all of its anchors or what, I was happy to be doing something else other than reporting rubbish news. Anchoring is a little different because there's usually a variety of news to present, from the good, the bad to the ugly, so it's not so terrible all the time. The sore throat was worth it. But to give credit to him, if it weren't for him, I don't think I would have made it through the Taiwanese segment, yesterday or any other previous days.

the good, the bad, the ugly 都有,所以不完全是痛苦,

After getting off at 15h00, I had promised to watch a movie with the revolutionary, so we met at Vieshow to catch "American Gangster." It was alright, and since I don't often watch mafia movies, it was a nice change. However, the strongest impression that the movie left me was how I thought Denzel Washington does not make a good villain. His expressions are all of a nice guy. Him and Cuba Gooding Jr both. They are both good dramatic actors, but I've yet to see spectacular portrayal of a bad guy. Thanks Jason for the movie ticket, cookie and soy milk!

看"American Gangster."。
覺得還不錯,但是留下最大的印象是Denzel Washington演壞人,說服力不強
雖然很會演劇情戲,但是他臉上就是寫著"我是一個好人",他和Cuba Gooding Jr都一樣。

The last time I was at Vieshow, it was with Ann, watching "The Golden Compass," which I really enjoyed. Both times, I sat towards the right wall, close to the screen. But during the movie with Ann, our dog's cancer news came over the phone. So when I was watching American Gangster, I kept thinking that the phone was going to ring and more bad news would come. It felt like going back to the place where I had that motorcycle accident, totaled Gina's bike and almost died. Good thing not even a text message came in.

上次到威秀是跟李安(不是那個李安)去看 "The Golden Compass,"也是做靠右牆,滿前面的

After the movie, I had 20 minutes before a dinner with arts & culture organization publicists and reporters, so swung by No Name to have a peek. There was nothing new, but plenty on sale! I ended up with a pair of brown/white pony hide high heeled flats with brown trim at 75% off. Score! Et voila.

電影看完,還有一點時間,所以到No Name去偷看有什麼好東西。

Dinner was another business dinner and a reminder that I still had work the next day. Or I thought I did.


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瑞羚 said...

以前只有聽過妳播報的聲音 前幾天爸爸在看電視剛好轉到妳播報的那一台! 妳播得真好 ^_^