Sunday, 13 January 2008

Opposition KMT wins landslide victory in legislative elections 國民黨立委選舉壓倒性大勝

KMT (opposition): 81 seats
DPP (ruling): 27 seats
Other parties: 5 seats

This legislative election is widely seen as an indication of who will win the presidential election in May. KMT presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou was rather pleased, while DPP chairman and the outgoing President Chen Shui-bian resigned as chairman. It was the biggest loss in history for the DPP.

I was at the KMT satellite New Party campaign headquarters all afternoon and evening until 22h45. They did not win any seats. Few supporters showed up, so it was really quiet.

Most of the time there, we just stared at the TV, watching votes being counted, analysis and comments. I think I broke my record of watching the most amount of news in one day. To make things worse, there was way too much information on the TV screen all at once and too many colors put together in a very un-aesthetic way that made my eyes hurt.

In the end, our footage was given to someone else to combine with the small parties story. There were 11 small parties in all vying for at least 5% of votes for legislators at large. No small party made 5%.

Roy and I probably had the easiest job of all the reporters for once. We were worked practically to our deaths and mentally abused day after day for two months prior to this, so I guess things are evening out a little. Whew.

(partial photos via AP)

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